Cutzrite LLC     "A cut above in Cutter Grinding"

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Custom Carbide Cutting Tools

  • Keycutters
  • Endmills
  • Countersinks
  • Form Tools
  • Step Drills
  • Grind to Print
  • Radius's
  • Corner Round
  1. Regrinding Services
    We will quote your Hogmills, Endmills and other Cutting tools.
  2. We also buy dull tools.
    Send us a list of dull tools to purchase.
  3. 24 Years in biz.
    We have a total of 68 Years of experience.
  4. We buy Carbide.
    Send us your carbide scrap list.
Our Works
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 We love Custom Tools
  1. Services Offered
    We offer complete custom grinding, specializing in 1" and below solid carbide cutting tools. Email your print and quantity for a price and delivery. We also sharpen any cutting tool under 1", send us a list and we will quote it. We also offer free pickup and delivery in the local area. We also ship using USPS, UPS and Fedex daily.
  2. We will buy your used carbide end mills.
    We will purchase your dull carbide end mills. Sizes needed are 3/8 thru 1" diameter. Send us an email. We will pickup if local.
  3. We have domains for sale.
    Are you looking for domains, click on the link for available domains and prices. Use contact page for more information.
  4. Do you need a form tool?
    Do you need a custom carbide cutting tool, email us a print along with quantity and desired delivery. Only need one piece, that's ok.